SoonerCon 26 Costume Contest winner “Queen Amidala Parade Gown” by Allison Breckon

Costuming and Cosplay at SoonerCon

The SoonerCon 28 Costume Contest is Saturday, June 8th, 2019.

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The Masquerade consists of two parts:

  • Exhibition – This section is non-competitive. The Exhibition is an opportunity for people to take to the stage without the pressure of competition. Hall Costumes are encouraged to participate! There will be limited performance.
  • Contest – This section is competitive. Participants will be judged by a panel of judges. This is a costume contest not a performance contest. Participants will be judged on costume design, construction and craftsmanship, as well as overall appearance.

Costume Contest Categories

There are first place awards for each category and an award for Best of Show.

Please note that the rules and categories listed below are from our 2018 convention. Expect updated rules in early 2019.

We are changing the category format this year. While we are retaining a few of our traditional categories, we are consolidating the rest to put our Masquerade in line with other conventions. While we are relying on the costumer to select the appropriate category level, the Costume Chairs have final authority.

We will be using the International Costumers’ Guild (ICG) Fairness Guidelines Division System for entries as a primary guide. If any exceptions to the guide is made, it will be outlined below. As a reference, please visit the Fairness Guidelines website.


This class is for professional costumers and/or those who have won First Place at several previous competitions including Best in Show. While any costumer may select this category, be advised the level of competition will be high. First, Second, and Third place are awarded.


This category is for costumers who have won ribbons at any previous competition. Competitors who have won prior Best in Show awards cannot enter or be placed in this category. First, Second, and Third place are awarded.


This category is for costumers competing for the first time and those who have not won First Place in a previous competition. First, Second, and Third place are awarded.


Young fans (those 12 and under at the beginning of the convention) who have made their own costume compete in this division. If an adult made the costume, they will be placed in the appropriate skill level listed below. First, Second, and Third place are awarded.

Convention Theme

This is a single award, given for the best representation of the theme of the convention. Winners from the above divisions may also win this award.

What the…?

The name says it all. Costumes that have no defined place have a place here. This category is a single award and is awarded by the Costume Chair as personal favorite.

Show and Tell

Have you spent hours scouring the internet for that perfect piece for your costume? This is the place for you. This category is for those who have purchased separate pre-made items from multiple sources for their costume. While consideration is given for presentation, quality, and cohesion, entries in this category are not eligible for Best in Show. First, Second, and Third place are awarded.

Best in Show

The grand prize, given to the best costume in any category, as determined by the judges. Previous SoonerCon Best in Show winners are not eligible for this prize.

All participants must adhere to the Costume Contest rules.

Hall Costumes

In the parlance of science fiction conventions, there are two kinds of costumes: those worn for competition, and those worn around the convention for the fun of it. The latter are called collectively “Hall Costumes.”

Please use common sense when wearing your Hall Costume. Hall Costumes must conform to Convention policies. An escort is recommended if the costume impedes vision and mobility. If carrying a weapon, please be sure to read all weapons policies.

Hall Costumes are invited to show off during the Exhibition part of the Masquerade. If you plan on this, sign up during the pre-show meeting.

Have fun!

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