Kyros Cosplay

Kyros Cosplay

Artist / Cosplay / Costumer / Fabricator / Panelist Guest / Writer

An award-winning cosplayer, Kyros got into the hobby in 2017 after moving to Oklahoma from Alaska.
She has hosted panels and judged cosplay contests at events across the state of Oklahoma. Believing craftsmanship to be key, Kyros excels at the modification of items to better fit a cosplay or a design. She also excels in her handiwork for her 3D-printed and hand-painted props.
When she’s not working on cosplay, she can be found glued to her computer either writing, creating digital art, or working in CSS and HTML/DOHTML coding. An avid gamer, Kyros enjoys playing on the PC and the PS4, predominantly playing games with a solid story line. She reads on occasion and really likes snuggling her cats, Jynx and Eevee.

Twitter: @kyroscosplay

Instagram: kyroscosplay


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