Stevo the Gutter Nerd

Stevo the Gutter Nerd

Comic Artist / Comic Writer / Gamer / Gaming / Musician / Panelist Guest / Podcaster

Based in Fort Worth, TX, Stevo has been podcasting since 2011. He’s written webcomics, self-published a graphic novel, and even sung in a ska band. Seriously. He currently hosts, edits, and directs the Gutter Nerds podcast, which focuses on videogame topics. He also runs the corresponding Gutter Nerds Twitch channel, which airs a variety of gaming shows including online multiplayer, couch co-op, and retro streams. When he’s not streaming, Stevo provides closed captions for the hearing- impaired to TV channels across the country.

Twitter: @gutternerds

Instagram: gutternerds



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