SoonerCon 28 Artist Guest of Honor

Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon is a West Coast artist specializing in fantasy and sci-fi illustration.  Her notable clients in this  field include Tor Books, Simon & Schuster, Popular Science magazine,  Penguin Books, and Wizards of the Coast.  In  addition, she’s created a large body of personal  work, and has several self-published art books.

Julie has always had a creative outlet of some sort, whether drawing, writing, crafts, or music, but she always gravitated towards visual media. Her art is bold, colorful, and ultimately positive in its outlook, ranging from dreamlike scenes of abstracted magic, to more structured illustrations focusing on visual storytelling and narrative.

When she isn’t working on new artwork, she’s busy working in her garden, babysitting her three cats, hiking or biking on nearby trails, doing pottery, and volunteering at equine rescues.

Check out her fantastic art at

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