SoonerCon Miniatures Painting Competition

Prize Categories:

  • Best Single Figure – Up to 35mm tall
  • Best Large Figure – 35mm or taller
  • Best in Show

Judging/Scoring Criteria:

  • Brush Control (accuracy of brush strokes and paint application)
  • Color Palette (appropriate use of colors for style of miniature you have entered)
  • Use of Advanced Techniques (Blending, Bashing, Conversion, etc.)

Registration Requirements:

Bring your contest entries to the Art Show and ask for the signup sheet.

  • All participants must have a SoonerCon 27 membership (Full Weekend or Saturday and Sunday).
  • All participants must have their pieces registered and on display in the Art Show before Saturday, June 23rd at 4pm.
  • Judging will take place Saturday evening.
  • All participants must pick up their miniatures from the Art Show on Sunday, June 9th before 2pm.

Prizes are provided by Game HQ and Reaper Miniatures and will be based on the number of entrants.

Additional Info: Staff of SoonerCon, Game HQ, and competition judges, may show their pieces in the competition, but are ineligible to win prizes.

In addition to the Miniatures Painting Competition, there will also be Paint-and-Take events and Speed Painting Competitions throughout Saturday afternoon.

Sponsored by Game HQ and Reaper Miniatures.

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